How to set your From address within Echo for Email

from -en
The From address feature allows you to send messages from your email account from your company name instead of your Esendex Virtual Mobile Number. This feature is particularly useful for customers who would like their messages to be instantly recognisable to any clients receiving their texts.

To add a From address for this service, simply add your content to the box provided. The Alias you set can be no longer than 11 characters long and must contain no spaces. Due to restrictions between networks we would also advise that it only contains characters from A-Z and 0-9 and is at least 3 characters in length.

Please note
A non numeric From address cannot be replied to because this would mask the original telephone number it was sent from. If you wish to set an From address on your account and you require replies, please place your Virtual Mobile Number in the body of your text message.