Receiving messages via email

These settings will forward messages from your Esendex Inbox to either an email address of your choice or if using Echo for Email, back to the original email sender of the SMS  message.

Email forwarding option

The Email forwarding option will forward received messages from your inbox to an email address. You can enter either a single or comma separated string of addresses for this service.

To activate this feature, simply write in an email address in the box provided. If you would like to forward your messages to multiple addresses simply write each address as a comma separated list, like in the example below:,,,

Remember to save any new changes you make using the save button displayed on this screen.

Direct reply option

This option is enabled by default.

The direct reply option works by storing the originating email address used to send a message to a mobile number. Once that mobile number responds to your message, it will forward the reply back to the email address you sent the text from.

Should you want to disable direct reply, untick the box on the direct reply screen and save your changes. If you have multiple accounts please select the account you would like this change to apply to first.