How to receive messages

You need to have a two-way account to be able to receive messages. By default trial accounts cannot receive messages, and generally if you purchase your messages via ecommerce you don’t have a two-way account.

You will need to have been assigned a Virtual Mobile Number, this looks like a normal mobile number 07xxxxxxxxx, if you don’t have one but need to receive inbound messages give our sales team a call on 0345 356 5758

If you set your Virtual Mobile Number as the alias then your recipients will be able to reply to your messages. Otherwise you’ll need to include the number in the message so your recipient knows how to reach you.

To view any messages that you have been sent you’ll need to visit your inbox.


You’ll be presented with a list of your messages in date order, much like when accessing email. Unread messages are shown in bold.

The List view will only show you the start of the message, you can click on the message to read more and get more details.

You can choose to reply from here, this will take you through to the Simple send screen with the recipient pre-populated.

Viewing the conversation

If from message detail seen above you click on the Originator number in green and you will be able to see the conversation between the number and your account.


You can again drill back into the detail of the message, by selecting the messages.

When you look at previously viewed messages you’ll notice a couple of extra fields have been added for who read the message and when:

This means that in large organisations you can keep track for whose doing what on the account.

Lets try it!