Changing from address in Echo

When you send an SMS you may want to control how that message appears on the recipients handset.

If you have a 2-way account and you want to receive replies then you’ll want to display your virtual mobile number, but you may not always want to do this, you may want to set this to be your company name.

There are some restrictions on what we allow you to use in the from address to (though some handsets may not be able to display all these):

  • no more than 11 characters
  • more than 3 characters
  • Characters can be : A-Z a-z 0-9 * $ ? ! ” # % & _ – , . @ ‘ +
  • Spaces are allowed, but count as a character
Please note
A non numeric From address cannot be replied to because this would mask the original telephone number it was sent from. If you wish to set an From address on your account and you require replies, please place your Virtual Mobile Number in the body of your text message.

You can change the from address when you send messages via either the simple send screen or the bulk send screen by entering the desired address in the from field. Simply click into the box and type over it.

The box will change when you do this to give you the option to reset to the virtual number when needed.

You can also change what the default displayed on these screens is to save time when sending messages.

If you go to the Settings tab in Echo and select the Sending option

You can set the default from address

You will still be able to overwrite this on a per send basis should you need to.

Please note: If you are still in your 7day trial period then you won’t be able to change this and some account types such as premium aren’t allowed this option for regulatory reasons.