Send voice messages

SMS is great, but what if your contacts don’t all have a mobile and you want to provide them with the same notification system, or what if you need them to acknowledge the message without needing to respond.

Voice Messaging allows you to send a short voice message to any land line, the recipient can choose to accept the message or reject it without hearing it, when they’ve listened to it they can acknowledge the message.

If you accidentally enter a land line number in your mobile numbers, or forget to select the voice option, we can automatically detect that the number is a land line and will convert it to voice for you.

We recommend that you read our Best practise guide for Voice SMS before you start sending messages

Sending voice messages

To send a voice message is simple, on the simple send screen you can choose between SMS and Voice, place the bullet next to Voice and the screen will update as below:

Choose your language (currently available are English, English Australia, French, Spanish and German) and choose your retries. The retries will ensure that should your recipient not pick up the system will keep trying them every 10 minutes for up to 10 attempts.

When you want to know if the messages were delivered, you can look in Sent Items.

A message which could not be delivered during its retries shows as Expired, A message which has been delivered and acknowledged show as Acknowledge, see image below:


 Lets try it!