Reviewing Landing Page Campaigns

If you want to download a report on how well your SMS Landing Page campaign has performed, click on My Campaigns from the left hand menu. You’ll see all Sent campaigns in a list, with the option to Download Report available (click on the three dots icon).

My Sent Campaigns

The report will download as a spreadsheet, and look similar to this:

Example report

  • Recipient: the mobile number the message was sent to
  • Status: there are multiple possible message statuses; here’s a full explanation
  • Submitted at: the date and time the messages were sent to the networks
  • Channel: the receiving message platform (usually SMS, but it is possible to send messages via RCS, and, in the future, via other messaging channels such as WhatsApp)
  • Has rich content: if this is ‘TRUE’ then your message included a landing page
  • Rich content viewed: this shows you the click-through rate for your campaign – if it is ‘TRUE’ then the recipient clicked through to the landing page
  • View count: the number of times the recipient viewed your landing page
  • First viewed: the date and time the recipient first accessed your landing page.

Scheduled Campaigns

The second tab shows you any campaigns that have been scheduled but not yet sent. The ‘Download Report’ option here is replaced with a ‘Cancel Campaign’ option, so this is where you need to go if you want to stop your SMS Landing Page campaign.

Scheduled Campaigns

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