User Settings in SMS Chat

Navigating the system

From the My Esendex page, go to the Conversations page; all new messages and open conversations are visible from here.

If a user is a member of more than one team, each team’s messages will be displayed separately.

Users can access each conversation by clicking on the reference number underneath the Ref header. You can also open any conversation in a new window by clicking the pop-out icon on the right hand side of each conversation.

User Settings

There are a number of settings that can be configured on a per user basis:

  • Level: Users can be set to either agent level login or a supervisor level
  • Search: The search functionality can be switched on for any user, however we recommend this is only made available to supervisors as all messages for all teams can be searched
  • Allocation status: There are two different allocation statuses: Auto Allocable and Manually Allocable
    • Auto Allocable users will be automatically allocated new conversations received for their team(s) on a round robin basis (the user with the least amount of work will receive a new
      conversation first)
    • Manually Allocable means the user will appear in the Supervisor’s list of users available for manual re-allocation.

Users can have any combination of these settings.

User Status

If a user does not complete any actions for a pre-defined amount of time, the system will automatically set their status to unavailable. They will not be assigned any new work until they make themselves available again.

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