How to Create and Use Templates

Templates are a great way to save messages you send regularly to make the sending of SMS more efficient.

Create and manage templates in the Templates section under the Send menu.

Here you’ll be presented with a list of any existing templates that you have created within your account.

Creating templates

You can create a template to be a simple message you send regularly. You can also make them customisable by your users.

A dynamic field is a placeholder for information you want to include in the message to personalise it. For example, you might want to include the recipient’s name in the message.

To add such a field, simply click “Add dynamic field” next to the Message field and enter the name of the field, e.g. Customer name. This field will appear in the message as follows:

[[Customer name]]

This syntax denotes a dynamic field and can be populated when sending a template.

For example, to create a template including the customer’s name and a reservation number, your template should look like this:

“Hello [[Customer name]], please contact us regarding your booking with the reservation number [[Reservation number]] on Tel. 0123 4567890”

If a template contains dynamic fields they will appear highlighted on the page where you view your existing templates.

When you select a template containing dynamic fields, the sending screen will look as follows:

You cannot send messages with more than 612 characters. The character count under the Message field shows you how many characters you have used but it does not include any dynamic field characters.

Using templates

You can manage your templates in the Templates section. There you can edit, delete and send a template.

The Select button will take you to the Simple send screen with your template pre-populated.

You can also use templates when using the Upload & send feature to send bulk messages. Simply upload the file and select the required template from the dropdown menu.

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