Managing Opt Out

Opt out functionality is a regulatory requirement for SMS marketing in Australia and is governed by ACMA.

Esendex offers a free optout management tool to ensure that our customers meet these regulations.

How it works?

  1. Get setup with a Virtual Mobile Number
  2. Inform your account manager that you are sending marketing/promotional material
  3. In the body of the message include the opt out keyword – “stop” (not case sensitive)
  • Sending from Personalised Sender ID – in the body of the message include – “Optout? SMS stop to 04xxxxxxxx
  • Sending from VMN – in the body of the message include – “Optout? Reply stop

When customers send “stop” to the VMN they are automatically added to an opt out list and future SMS messages will be not delivered by our system (the delivery status will read “Failed – (4) No valid subscription exists”).  

To view customers who have opted out, once you’ve logged into Echo, click ‘Opt outs’

It is important to manage your data and remove customers who have opted out. Although future messages will “fail” normal message credit charges apply.

For further SMS marketing regulation information please visit the ACMA website.

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