Send Personalised Messages to Multiple Phone Numbers

Personal messages allow you to send your customer or users more detailed and individual information, while still sending a large number of messages at once.

You can export any data from your CRM that you need to make up your message, and your spreadsheet needs to have 3 or more columns for this option to work.

You may find it helpful later if you have a header row describing which information is in each column. If you do, remember when you’re uploading the file to tick that the file has a header row.

Spreadsheet Example

After you have uploaded the file you’ll be presented with a screen to create the message; make sure you complete the page in order, top to bottom.

You will need to tell Echo where the phone numbers are in your data; simply select the column name. If you haven’t named your columns in a header row, they will be listed as C1, C2, C3 etc.

You can either select a pre-made template, or free type your message into the text box. Your column names are converted into ‘Fields’; when free typing your message, you use these fields to insert your data into the message.

Once you are happy with how you have populated your message, you can preview it using the green ‘Preview’ button.

From this screen, you can see the amount of valid and invalid contacts, which can help you cleanse your data.

You can see each number and the message which will be sent to it, and you can also see the credit which will be used.

You then have the option to change your Sender ID, using the ‘From’ field, choose between SMS or Voice messages, and finally to send now, or schedule your messages for a later date and time.

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