How to report on the performance of your Esendex and Zapier integration

Once your Zap is live, you may wish to report on its performance. This can help you understand whether your tasks are running, how many text messages have been sent and how many text messages were delivered or failed.

There are two ways you may wish to report on the performance of your Zap and the tasks that it carries out:

  1. Within the Zapier app
  2. Within the Esendex app

1. Reviewing your performance within Zapier

The Zapier dashboard is where you can manage all of your existing Zaps and looks something like this:

zapier dashboard view

On the right hand side of the Zapier dashboard you can see a list of all your active and inactive Zaps.

Each Zap that you have created has a series of options that you can choose from. By going to your chosen Zap and clicking the down arrow for an individual Zap you can choose from those options.

checking the task history within zapier

By clicking the task history button you will be taken to the task history of your chosen Zap.

check your task history within Zapier

Your task history enables you to see all the activity of your Zaps and logs everything that Zapier has attempted to automate. All the data whether incoming or outgoing is logged here and offers a great opportunity to find out if your Zap is working and solve any problems.

Each tasks has one of five different statuses:

  1. Success – the task was successfully completed
  2. Filtered – the task didn’t pass the filtered condition
  3. Stopped – the task incurred an error – click for more details (if a Zap hits too many consecutive errors it is then automatically paused)
  4. Waiting – the task is pending completion – Zaps that have a delay step or are scheduled for an auto replay will show this status
  5. Holding – The task is on hold

The task history of your Zaps is stored for either three months or for the last 10,000 tasks. If data is required for a longer term, regularly export your data for a backup.

To export your data select your tasks and use the download action from the dropdown, you will then be asked if you wish to generate and download as a CSV.

Download your task history by selecting all and clicking download within Zapier

2. Reviewing sent items within Echo

You can review the items sent via Zapier within your Echo account using the same method you would when reviewing sent items within Echo.

Refer to this support article which details how to review sent items in detail and also how to export sent messages.

Each text message sent is assigned a unique ID number which you can view when you download all messages from your Echo account. This ID number also corresponds to the same ID number, unique to the tasks carried out via Zapier.

how to find your task id within Zapier

There are also various message statuses for your sent messages and these can also be found here.

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