Key terms to consider when integrating Esendex and Zapier

When setting up your Zapier integration between Esendex and your existing business application, Zapier makes reference to some terms which you may want to familiarise yourself with.


A Zap is the link between your applications on Zapier which can have one trigger but multiple actions. You can see all your Zaps from within your Zapier dashboard.

An example of a Zap would be:


A Task is the single action performed by Zapier meaning a Zap can perform multiple tasks. In the example below, a task will be used each time a new lead is created within Saleforce:


The event which kick starts the Zap to send your text messages is called the Trigger. A Zap can only have one trigger and this will correspond to the event happening inside your app that you wish to send a text message from.

In the example below, the cancelled order within Shopify will be the trigger:


An Action is the event the Zap performs. So when you choose to integrate your Esendex account, this will be the action application. So in the example below, choosing to “send a text message” is the action.

Multi-step Zap

While a single-step Zap has one trigger and one action, a multi-step Zap can have multiple actions, can include filters for conditions and allows you to integrate more than one application.

An example below:

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