How to Load a New Campaign (Collstream SMS)

From the My Esendex page go to the ‘New SMS Campaigns’ page. From here you can upload contacts via an Excel spreadsheet.

Check that the order of the columns/fields in your file matches the order stated underneath the message content box. These fields can be amended by one of our support team on request.

To upload a file, use our browsing option that is located on the right-hand side of the page. Make sure that you have pressed ‘Upload’ once you have found the correct file.

When you have uploaded your file, you can fill in your campaign details. If you have a header row in your file, click the ‘Contains Header Row’ box.

Campaign Name

This is just for your reference; there is a limit of 50 characters on this.

Mobile Sender ID

This is what will display on the customer’s mobile handset when they receive the message. This can be up to 11 characters long and must be made up of alphanumeric characters only.

Landline Sender ID

This field must be made up of 11 numbers. It is what will be displayed if you send an SMS to a landline number.

Message content

This is simply the content you want the customer to receive in their text message.

Each text message is made up of 160 characters – please see below a breakdown of our character limits:

  • 1 x Message = 160 characters
  • 2 x Messages = up to and including 306 characters
  • 3 x Messages = up to and including 459 characters
  • 4 x Messages = up to and including 612 characters
  • 5 x Messages = up to and including 765 characters

Using Variables

You can use variables in your message such as a name or reference number. To put these into your message you will need to match the fields found below the message content box.

For example, if column 2 had names in it and Field 2 was ‘fullname’ then you would need to enter ##fullname## where you would want the customer’s name to appear.

When you have filled in these details you will need to schedule your campaign; there are 3 options:

  • Start and End time – You can set a start and end time for your campaign. Your messages will be sent evenly between the start and end time
  • Send at once – The messages will be sent as quickly as possible when the campaign has been submitted
  • Messages per hour – You can set a specific number of messages to be sent each hour that the campaign is running.

When all the above has been completed, you need to press the ‘Update Previews’ button that is located under the message content box. This will create a preview of both the file and the message
that will be sent so that you can check that the message is correct before sending.

If everything looks OK, scroll back up to the top of the page where a ‘Submit Campaign’ button will be shown. Press this button to send the messages.

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