Reporting Options for Collstream SMS

SMS Campaign Delivery Reports

For each SMS campaign sent there is a delivery report available to be downloaded from either the ‘MyMI’ section of the portal or from the ‘My SMS Campaigns’ page.

These reports are available on a rolling 6-month basis.

The delivery reports will tell you whether each of your messages have been delivered, the time of delivery and if it was not delivered, why it failed.

This information is also available on a per user basis for 1-2-1 messages.

Standard SMS Summary and Bad Numbers Reports

Daily SMS Summary and Bad Numbers reports are available as standard.

These are emailed out to a distribution list of your choosing. To amend this distribution list please email

The Daily Summary report provides a Summary of all your SMS campaigns sent on a certain day to save you downloading each campaign report individually.

A Bad Numbers report gives you a daily breakdown of all messages that were not delivered on a certain day.

2 Way Messaging Reports / Opt-out Reports

If you have any keywords or long numbers set up with us, you will have two reporting options available to you.

Firstly, we can send an email to you any time anyone sends you a response, so you can action it straight away.

We can also send you a report at the end of each day that will summarise all responses from the previous day.

If this is linked to a ‘STOP’ keyword it means that you can cleanse any data with these reports.

These reports can be set up by your account manager or a member of our support team by contacting

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